SnoreMate - Frequently asked questions!

Does the mouthpiece work?

The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has identified oral appliances as an effective treatment for snoring and mild obstructive sleep sleep apnea.

Can people with dentures use this product?
No, this mouthpiece is not suitable for persons who wear dentures.
Can children use this product?
No, children’s teeth and jaw are still developing so we do not recommend it be used on children
Does one size fit all?
Yes, all adults can use SnoreMate since it will take the precise shape of your mouth, big or small.
How long will it take to get used to sleeping with the SnoreMate mouthpiece?
This varies from 1 case to another, however in my case I slept through the night, after just two nights. On average it would appear that most people feel comfortable enough to sleep throughout the night after approximately four nights.
Why doesn't the mouthpiece last for longer than 3 - 4 months?
The SnoreMate mouthpiece has to have quite a few properties in order for it to fulfill its function. On the one hand it must be soft enough to be comfortable, yet strong enough to hold the jaw in place. This trade off means that after a period of time, varying from user to user, a certain amount of stretching occurs in the mouthpiece and consequently allows the jaw gradually to move backwards in position. This renders the mouthpiece less effective and will need replacement?
Are there air holes in this device?   How do you breathe through your mouth if you have this device in?
No you cannot breathe through your mouth you require at least one nasal passage open. There are pro's and con's to having a hole in the mouthpiece. The pro is obviously you can breathe, although not well through the small hole but the cons are a whistling noise as the air passes through the hole. The hole also creates a small directional jet of air and the back of the throat becomes very dry.
How does the money back guarantee work?
At first you might experience some minor discomfort at the mandibular joint, this should reduce as the jaw gets more accustomed to settling into the more forward position. You might also have some discomfort with your teeth, since that obviously take some of the pressure in keeping your jaw forward. In time too, this discomfort will diminish. I personally, after using it for 12 months, find I much prefer sleeping with the SnoreMate than without, because apart from getting a better nights sleep I wake up without a dry mouth and I don't grind my teeth.  
Is there any discomfort associated with using the SnoreMate mouthpiece?
I am so confident with this product because it helped me stop snoring immediately and improved my lifestyle way beyond my expectations. However I am aware that SnoreMate might not suit everyone and for this reason I am happy to offer a money back guarantee (less the postage) within the 30 day warranty period. My experience with this product shows that only a very few refunds are requested which indicates how well it works.  
Can I use SnoreMate if I have a blocked nose or nasal obstruction?
You need to have at least one clear nasal passage when using this snoring cure, as SnoreMate promotes healthy breathing habits by making you breathe through your nose with your mouth closed.
Why are there no air holes in the SnoreMate mouthpiece?
When I experimented with SnoreMate I found that making a hole in the mouthpiece caused a whistling sound as the air was forced through the hole. It also causes a dry and irritated throat.
Can I use SnoreMate to protect my teeth from grinding and clenching (bruxism) while I am sleeping, even if I don`t snore?
Yes! All you do is mould SnoreMate to your teeth with your jaw in a normal position.

Try the SnoreMate Test

SnoreMate works by moving the lower jaw forward during sleep. This allows the airway to increase in diameter, thereby reducing the velocity of the air traveling into the lungs, and hence eliminating or reducing the level of vibrations in the throat tissue.

Move your lower jaw forward. Now try and snore as hard as you can!
You can see if your lower jaw is pushed forward this position makes it nearly impossible to snore.
Move your lower jaw back and repeat the test.
If Step 1 reduced your snoring then SnoreMate will work for you.

SnoreMate Single Pack R245.00

SnoreMate Double Pack R275.00

Did you know:

The use of alcohol and other medications which relax the muscles of the throat can promote snoring.